Pricing and Services

Outside Vehicle Storage From £1 per day
Outside Caravan Storage From £1 per day
Motorcylces From £0.80 per day
Other Vehicles Trucks, Boats Busses etc P.O.A
Container Storage - Full Insulation on all types of storage From £10 per week - Discounts Available

Short Term Vehicle Storage In Door

Short Term Vehicle Storage Secure None De-humified Storage, wax washed, leather dried at beginning and end of storage period:
£25 per week up to 4 weeks.
£22.50 per week up to 8 weeks.
£20.00 per week there after.

Dehumidified Package in Door

As above £5.00 extra per week Vehicle stored in CCTV protected, fully alarmed, dust free, de-humidified premises. Vehicles can be fully comprehensively insured on an individual basis at extra cost P.O.A. Vehicle wax washed, leather dried at beginning and end of storage.

Maintenance - Level 1 Additional £3.00 per week

Full De-humidified service plus, 30 day engine run to operating temperature, brake and clutch pedals depressed, gears engaged, all electric motors run and switches checked, battery check, and charged if necessary, fluid level check, tyre positions rotated, and overall vehicle inspection.

Maintenance - Level 2 Additional £5.00 per week Full De-humidified level 1 service, plus 60 day road test to engage all gears, utilise suspension, braking, and steering systems. E-mailed report available upon request.
All Prices subject to VAT at 20%

1. Hand Wash and Leather dry. 2 Bucket System £25.00
2. Hand Wash and Polish Exterier. 2 Bucket System £35.00
3. Interior Valet £40.00
4. Hot Wash Power Wash to Engine Compartment £15.00
5. Maintenance Level 1, per instruction £15.00
6. Maintenance Level 2, per instruction £22.00
7. Apply Hide Food to Leather Upholstery, including Materials £25.00
8. Apply Protective Coating to Exterior Chrome, including Materials £20.00
9. Special Wheel Clean (Wire Wheels) £25.00
10. Special Detailed Buffing, Polishing, Paint Sealing etc. £50.00
11. Obtain / Rescind Road Tax. P.O.A
12. Submit Car for MOT, Test Charged at Applicable Rate. P.O.A
13. Check Anti-Freeze Mixture and Adjust as Necessary. P.O.A
14 Simple Car Service Tasks, Adjustments, etc, e.g Oil Change, Repairs etc. £55.00 per hour
15 Transportation of Clients Vehicles in Specialist Covered Transporter. P.O.A
16. Post Storage Inspection of Vehicle, Tyre Pressures checked and Adjusted as Necessary, Fluid Levels Inspected and Topped up as Required, Materials Extra, Wash and Leather Dry £15.00
17. Caravan Hot Jet Wash, Remove Green Slime. £45.00
18. Caravan/Campervan Hot Wash and PTFE Sealer, Paint Sealer, Polish inc Sealer. £150.00
19. Caravan/Campervan Restoration Defading of GRP £200.00
20. Caravan Service, Brakes, Grease and Check Lights £100.00
21. General Servicing etc £55.00 per hour
22. Other Services Enquire P.O.A
All Prices subject to VAT at 20%